EVENT HORIZON books 1 & 2


Back in 2005 Emma (then known as Emma Simcock-Tooth) formed part of a a ragtag band of renegade artists and writers taken under the wing of the "Mam Tor Lion" Liam Sharp who decided to shake up British comics from his own kitchen table, launching publishing company Mam Tor producing the groundbreaking anthology books known as Event Horizon.


Book one is extremely rare and collectable now. Book Two can still be had if you know where to look for it.


We have a very small number of signed copies of Book 2 available for a short time at the reduced price of only £7.00.

Best Graphic Novel Award


Event Horizonevent horizon


" Fantasy tales and imagery too arresting to ignore... bizarre, funny, and visionary narratives in the horror, sci-fi, and zombie-Viking-Elvis genres. The art is every bit as left-field as the writing, with rich depictions of savage brutes... and hot goths in the spirit of Heavy Metal magazine. " Maxim US

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