Extracts from '13 questions with Emma Tooth' interview 2007

1) What sorts of goals — long term or short — do you set for yourself, and how do you go about accomplishing them?

I try to keep making paintings, keep showing them to people!...

2) What comic/character do you secretly wish you'd thought of first?

When I was a teenager I discovered Tank Girl — then I looked in a mirror and realised I had thought of her first! That was my nickname at school!

3) If someone were to make a movie of your life, what genre would it fall under, and who would play you?

It would be like a cross between Moulin Rouge, Withnail and I and Chicken Run. And I would be played by Divine; or Megan Mullally (Karen from Will and Grace); or Richard E. Grant in drag possibly ....

4) What was the first comic you ever read?

... Tank Girl, or Halo Jones.

5) Did you have a favourite superhero as a kid? Do you still have one?

I'm not into superheroes myself — superheroines maybe. But my husband Owen likes Spider-Man, so he's kind of our pet superhero now! Owen is very like Spider-Man actually — he climbs and swings all over the place. He has super powers!

6) Who is your favourite comic creator?

I have to say I love Neil Gaiman — even though that may sound predictable for someone who's only wearing black till they invent something darker! His stories are poignant and Dave McKean's ever-present art is so beautiful. It's a perfect package. I'm such a visual person — other than Neil Gaiman, it's only artists that I respond to really. Obviously there's also James O'Barr (again, very predictable of me!) Hewlett and Martin, Ian Gibson and Yoshitaka Amano. With Amano, I see that he has a lot of the same influences as me although the outcome is very different.

7) What writers/artists outside of comics have influenced you?

I think the only artists that have influenced me are outside of comics — the Pre-Raphaelites, JW Waterhouse, Klimt, Russian religious art, the Symbolists. Ah, apart from Oscar Wilde — I'm not sure to what extent he has influenced my work but I adore him! The Picture of Dorian Gray is magic to me, in so many ways. I feel that book; and for many reasons — some obvious, some not so obvious.

8) What is your favourite art form?

Painting and singing.

9) Allowed a dinner date with any person, alive or dead, who would you ask for?

Oscar Wilde, of course.

10) Can you cook? If so what's your speciality?

I'm not a bad cook — I just don't care! I despise the mundane.

11) What achievement are you proudest of?

I hand-reared a little hen called Linda — we are inseparable. I love her — I'm very proud of her!

12) What is your favorite swear word?

...It's got to be the "f" word: "Family".

13) What job would you like, if you weren't doing what you were doing?

Drag Queen. Or running a battery hen rescue centre.

Alice Doyle

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