Emma Tooth at the UP CLOSE exhibition


Emma Tooth at Up Close
photo: Myriam J C Preston

UP CLOSE @ Signal Gallery, London private view 21/6/12

'Up Close' showcased three very different approaches to portraiture from artists Emma Tooth, Andy Kinsman and Caroline Burraway. All three artists presented intense and powerful work, with a considerable amount of technical brilliance. 

"Emma Tooth has taken on the challenge of producing works in the manner of some of the great names in European Art history. She replaces images of religious or mythological figures, with iconic contemporary imagery and social characters, such as the ‘Chav’ or street-savvy break dancers (her inspiration for the works in this show). These works have a moody pseudo-religious intensity, which is balanced by the often-playful nature of the unexpectedly banal. So, when borrowing a pose from Bernini of St Sebastian, she has her tattooed figure gazing wistfully into his mobile phone."