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Thinkspace Gallery, Culver City, USA. Picks Of The Harvest exhibition March 3rd 2012

Emma Tooth joined her paintings in the US for the packed-out show, followed by a trip to Santa Monica Beach (where parts of The Lost Boys movie were filmed!!). On the subject of the exhibition, HiFructose.com writes:

'On March 3rd, Thinkspace presented 'Picks of the Harvest', a massive exhibition featuring new work from the gallery's talented roster of artists alongside numerous newcomers from around the globe. From the incandescent sculptural work of Elliot Jackson to the hyper-realistic renderings of Jeff Ramirez and everything in between, the show offered artwork for everyone's aesthetic taste... However, the shining star of the night was UK based artist Emma Tooth. Known for depicting extraordinary people in traditional settings, Tooth presented three oil paintings from her 'Concilium Plebis' series portraying urbanites in a chiaroscuro setting reminiscent of the old masters.'