Cyril I by Emma Tooth

Cyril I
Emma Tooth
pencil on antique book 2011
Book measures 13cm x 19cm x 2.5cm (not including box frame)


A portrait of Emma's maternal great-grandfather Cyril who she never got to meet because he was killed at sea by a German U-boat long before she, or even her parents were born.

Very few photographs survive of Emma's great-grandfather Cyril and there is little information available. Everything that is known about him Emma included in her 2010 book, From Pig Farmers and Show Girls. This drawing is executed on the cover of an antique book which Emma has deliberately never read; she glued the book closed and sealed it inside a box-frame.

She was inspired by the idea that when a person dies it is like a book filled with the information and experiences a person gathers in their lifetime - or rather a huge library full of such books - is irrevocably destroyed and the information is lost forever.