Heredity by Emma Tooth

Howie's Hands II
Emma Tooth
Oil on canvas 2009
size approx: 55 x 65 cm

This is a portrait of Emma's father, Howard Simcock. She had been meaning to paint him for many years, inspired by the character in his talented woodworking hands and her childhood memories of "helping" him saw wood on old trestles by sitting on them to stop them wobbling. The saw he holds was probably given to him by his late father, and was thought to have been lost in a fire which took thousands of pounds worth of equipment collected over a lifetime. It was only saved from immolation by the fact that Emma had borrowed it and forgotten for some time to return it. "Howie" was amazed and delighted when he found it at Emma's house, miraculously unharmed. Emma's sister, Jo Simcock, said of the portrait, 'It's amazing and It's quite moving; it's exactly him, all weathered from his years of working his fingers to the bone to give us a good life.'