'The shining star of the night was UK based artist Emma Tooth. Known for depicting extraordinary people in traditional settings, Tooth presented three oil paintings from her "Concilium Plebis" series portraying urbanites in a chiaroscuro setting reminiscent of the old masters.' HiFructose.com

'...As the master painter prepares for her upcoming show at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Tooth's ongoing series, "Concilium Plebis", takes on ordinary and everyday subjects, painting them in a masterful and extraordinary way. The artist's use of "chavs", "hoodys", "scallys" (and even random subjects off the street), makes her a perfect, albeit somewhat shocking, partner to show alongside English portraitist Joseph Wright of Derby' HiFructose.com

'Brilliant technique and great subject matter in these portrait paintings make this exhibition a must see' livingproofmag.com

'BOOM, we were hooked!' ArrestedMotion.com

'An artistic showdown 250 years in the making! Emma Tooth vs. Joseph Wright of Derby come together in “Extraordinary Portraits of Ordinary People”. Emma may have the edge over Joseph, with him being deceased... but we look forward to this bout featuring the two Derbyshire-based painters' ArrestedMotion.com

'Fascinating' ImagineFX magazine

Emma Tooth

'Regardless of year of creation, skillful painting is timeless ...Symbolic visual references serve as both an identifier and an allusion for the viewer of Emma’s work, with her visual lexicon used to create both wholly original themes and also allegorical remixes – a pop culture twist on the old masters' ArrestedMotion.com

'21st Century ordinary people are immortalised in these great works. The imagery and medium together hold a wealth of symbolism. The work is poetic, different and stimulating as illusion, perception and reality are all challenged' The Biscuit Factory Gallery

'A cutting edge attitude to their selection of artists has done Lazarides proud and a testament to this is their excellent group show Grifters... it is a mixture of installation, taxidermy, street art, painting and photography with a witty, fashionable and a distinctly urban feel. Highlights include... Emma Tooth [who] has given the Madonna and Child a Croydon Town make-over... one not to miss!' openmagazine.co.uk

'Dramatic and eloquent' Dr. Dorothy Rowe, Art Historian

'The powerful portraitist you can't ignore' The Derbyshire magazine

'Truly stunning' Liz McGrath,artist

'Classical skill and killer technique' Liam Sharp, artist

Emma Tooth and Bad Taste Cru
photo: Craig Leng

'A pretty extraordinary exhibition' Jan Rodgers, BBC

'Taking iconic religious poses and repainting the figures as townies and chavs sounds like a venture that could go hideously wrong, but Emma Tooth's wit and skill as an oil painter has resulted in her Concilium Plebis series being one of the highlights of the show' Folio Magazine review

'Breathtaking... Incredible... Such a fine artist' Aleena Naylor, BBC Radio Derby

Emma Tooth

'Formidably impressive art... stunningly atmospheric... breathtaking' The Derbyshire Magazine

‘Beautiful… Proper Painting’ Claire Hamilton, BBC Radio Merseyside

'A force to be reckoned with' Derby Evening Telegraph

'Dark but dope!' www.ukbboy.info

Emma Tooth with Trinity Warriors breakdance team
above: Emma strikes a pose with some of her models, Derby BBOY team 'Trinity Warriors'.
photo: Owen Tooth

'This stuff is the fabness!' ImagineFX.com team blog

'Combines technical excellence with a subject that is contentious ... she brings sensitivity and compassion to images that are often considered socially troublesome and threatening. Her collection questions stereotypes and gives dignity to what is essentially working class Britain today.  She also opens up the world of fine art to a new audience making it accessible to a whole new section of society.' Dom Jinks, Arts Council England

'Amazing' Al Davidson, artist

'You will be blown away' Sally Pepper, Radio Derby

'This is a truly fantastic collection of work which concentrates on an area of society that isn't always portrayed in a nice way. I would urge everyone to come and see the work because it really is breathtaking.' Esen Kaya, Curator of the Sandford Goudie Gallery

Emma Tooth
The Metro 2009

'The paintings are stunning man, absolute genius'. www.terminalstation.co.uk

'Food for thought' The Journal (Newcastle)

Emma Tooth
The Metro 2009

'Stunning, and the likeness... is incredible.' www.shieldsgazette.com

'The exhibition makes intriguing viewing... encouraging viewers to find gravitas and poignancy in the subjects'.
Marissa Carruthers, The Sunderland Echo

Emma Tooth

Emma Tooth