Concilium plebis 23 - Bacchus
Concilium Plebis #23 - Bacchus (after Caravaggio) oil on canvas 2010 77x102cm [private collection]

"Caravaggio's 1595 Bacchus is apparently enjoying himself and having a good time, but what's interesting about Emma Tooth's Bacchus is that he does not appear to be enjoying himself at all, and in this respect actually invites a certain comparison to Caravaggio's earlier "Sick Bacchus" of 1591 or so. Tooth's Bacchus is a Sick Bacchus.

She has moved Bacchus's toga off to the side where it has become a bed sheet, implying a state of drunkenness that is on the point of falling asleep. A drunkenness, in other words, that is no longer any fun...

For the West, it would seem, the party is over, in this painting."

-John David Ebert author of Art After Metaphysics